Boyfriend Jeans: My Go To


Hey Lovelies, 

I recently have bought so much denim pieces to add to my collection its crazy! I just bought two more pairs of boyfriend jeans online from Forever 21 because I love the way they fit, and they were on sale! You can wear Boyfriend jeans with anything and it will totally dress down an outfit.  I have also been wearing a lot of white this season and probably will continue to wear white! Right when I got this jacket in the mail I threw it on and me and my boyfriend went to Little Italy in Cleveland. I didn't finish all of my Manicotti so I got a togo box. While we are driving home I look at the togo box, and the red sauce got all over the sleeve of my brand new WHITE jacket. I seriously almost cried because it was BRAND NEW. My boyfriend continued to laugh, which I didn't think was funny. But I did get the stain out as you can see me wearing it now!  Thank goodness for my mamma! But anyways back to my outfit, I love comfortable looks and this fits into that category perfectly! 

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Mallory Joy 



Shirt- Brandymelville//Necklace- Ebay//Jacket- Forever 21//Jeans- Forever21// Shoes- Forever21//Bag- Thrifted//