Muted Tones and Winter Snows


Hello Lovelies! 

To be honest with you guys, I HATE SNOW. I would rather be someplace tropical soaking up the sun than being in the cold. But the time will come, so I'm making efforts to enjoy it while I can!

This Winter season I have been wearing a lot of muted tones. Don't get me wrong, I have my occasional flair of color, but I've been trying to blend in with the tones of the season.  Also my mom got me the adorable jacket shown above at a hospital gift shop. WHO KNEW HOSPITALS HAD CUTE CLOTHES? I would have never guessed! 


Life update:  

I've been spending a lot of time on my vintage clothing store on Instagram called Faded Threads Vintage. I love every minute of it and providing gals with unique vintage items handpicked by yours truly. You can check it out at @fadedthreadsvintage on IG! 


I applied for a social media internship position at Free People in October. I had to send them my resume and create 15 mock twitter posts, something you would see on their twitter. They then emailed me back a week later telling me I had advanced my application process and that they would like me to do a video interview! I took the video interview and hadn't heard back for a month and a half. Well yesterday, I got an email saying they wanted me to come to Philadelphia and have an in person interview! I AM SO EXCITED! 

I am trusting In God and his will be done! If it doesn't work out then I know there is something else greater planned for me! But please be praying! 


Heres to week two of constant content on my blog. 



Photos by @memorycardfull