Good eyes for Good Finds


Since the 6th grade I have always needed glasses/contacts. Its an ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved but I have found some pretty amazing companies to help me overcome my sight issues! Zenni Optical has the CUTEST eyeglasses and not to mention they are extremely cheap! Eyeglasses are an accessory to me and can also make or break any outfit!

When thrifting, its super important to go in with good eyesight! If you dont, you may miss some pretty amazing one of a kind pieces! Seeing the textures and patterns up close in detail may make you love certain items! And also, you may miss some holes, spots that might be on the clothing! 

Bottom Line, having good eyesight is essential and I want you to be able to find the most amazing things at the thrift store! :)

You can purchase my glasses HERE! :) 


Mal Pal