AG Jeans x Mallory on the Moon

Sponsored by Zappos


Just like seasons, if we didn't have gloomy days, we wouldn't be appreciative of the sunny ones. In life, God gives us trials and tribulations to help us grow and become stronger. During Winter especially, the sky just never seems to want to let any sunlight through. I have learned to enjoy the gloomy days and take full advantage of them and appreciate them for all their gloom. 

During Fall and Winter, overalls are my go to. I LITERALLY live in them! They are so easy to just throw over a cute sweater, turtleneck and just run out the door. Not to mention, they are comfortable and also warm! My favorite pair at the moment are these AG ones from Zappos! 

They keep me warm during this Ohio fall and make me look put together with little effort! IM OBSESSED!