L'Occitane Shea Butter


As a blogger, content creator and daily dreamer, all my work is typically done using my hands. Its very important to keep them moisturized throughout that day so that they don’t get dry and crusty. And plus, hands that are moisturized just tend to get more work done (or maybe thats just me). I have been using L’Occitaine EN Provence Shea Butter Handcream lately and it has seriously been a life changer!


Most hand creams I have tried are very watery and leave your skin with an oily texture. However, this cream is perfectly crafted giving me the exact formula and density I have been looking for! The scent of this hand cream includes honey, almond and coconut which are all mixed together to produce this magical product. However, if this scent isn’t the flavor for you, L’Occitane offers plenty of other scents with options of two different size bottles! All hand creams are now available at Sephora!


Sponsored by L’Occitane

Golden Lakes


Hello Loves, 

Ive been on a blogging grind lately and I'm loving it! Ive been trying to adventure more and capture looks and moments rather than just your everyday street style photo. Every photo should tell a story and bring emotion, and thats what I'm trying to focus on. 

I hope you guys had a lovely week and are enjoying this wonderful warm Saturday (well here in Ohio)! It is almost 60 degrees here in Ohio and its hard to remember it is still Winter.

If you guys haven't heard, Nordstrom Rack is having an additional 25% off sale and thats where I got my lovely jacket! I thought it would help bring me into spring without looking to wintery. I seriously love Nordstrom Rack so much. Ive spent way to much money there over the past couple months!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! 

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Salvation Mountain: Niland, California


Salvation Mountain had been a place that I have wanted to travel to for awhile. When I surprised Danny with tickets to California for his birthday, Salvation Mountain was the first place that came out of my mouth that we knew had to go to. The trip was everything I expected and more. Salvation Mountain is located in a small deserted town in California. The drive there was very enjoyable and we stopped many places along the way such as the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree. The whole entire time driving, there was an abundance of abandoned and desolate buildings. The beauty of just being in the middle of nowhere comforted me in ways unimaginable. If you ever have the chance to go to Salvation Mountain or Joshua Tree, GO!  

I would also recommend watching the link below about Salvation Mountain: 


Muted Tones and Winter Snows


Hello Lovelies! 

To be honest with you guys, I HATE SNOW. I would rather be someplace tropical soaking up the sun than being in the cold. But the time will come, so I'm making efforts to enjoy it while I can!

This Winter season I have been wearing a lot of muted tones. Don't get me wrong, I have my occasional flair of color, but I've been trying to blend in with the tones of the season.  Also my mom got me the adorable jacket shown above at a hospital gift shop. WHO KNEW HOSPITALS HAD CUTE CLOTHES? I would have never guessed! 


Life update:  

I've been spending a lot of time on my vintage clothing store on Instagram called Faded Threads Vintage. I love every minute of it and providing gals with unique vintage items handpicked by yours truly. You can check it out at @fadedthreadsvintage on IG! 


I applied for a social media internship position at Free People in October. I had to send them my resume and create 15 mock twitter posts, something you would see on their twitter. They then emailed me back a week later telling me I had advanced my application process and that they would like me to do a video interview! I took the video interview and hadn't heard back for a month and a half. Well yesterday, I got an email saying they wanted me to come to Philadelphia and have an in person interview! I AM SO EXCITED! 

I am trusting In God and his will be done! If it doesn't work out then I know there is something else greater planned for me! But please be praying! 


Heres to week two of constant content on my blog. 



Photos by @memorycardfull 


Velvet Heart for a Velvet Soul

Hello Lovelies! 

Long time no talk and I'm very sorry. I need to devote more time to my blog then I do. Ive only been on Instagram posting my looks but I am trying to get better at this whole blogging thing! For this look I had the chance to collaborate with the company called Velvet Heart . They gifted me with this adorable military style jumpsuit and its seriously so perfect. I have used it to style so many outfits this winter and this military green is the perfect shade. In this look I styled it with a duster jacket from H&M and paired it with this snake skin booties from Missguided. This look is simple yet very sophisticated. What I love about jumpsuits is that you can dress them up or dress them down very easily. Ive been on the minimalistic grind lately and cleaning out and getting rid of vibrant prints and neon colors. I am growing up and I feel as though colors like that make me look and feel like an adolecent.  If you would like you can purchase the Military Jumpsuit here  . 


On a side note, I had a wonderful Valentines Day! Here is a picture to sum it up! 

Rianna Phillips: Digitally Printed Clutches


Hey friends! 

Now I know you all are dying to know where these adorable clutches come from. I was lucky enough to be picked to be a brand influencer by the amazing Rianna Phillips. Her designs are amazing and fit my aesthetic perfectly. Here is a little background of her and how these clutches are made: 

Aged 25, textile surface designer Rianna Phillips is on a mission to bring manufacturing back to the u.k. Each piece is designed and hand crafted in her home country England.

Sustainability is an important issue within the fashion industry and Rianna tackles this head on by creating her accessories using ‘engineered print design’. Working with the precise dimension of each product, the pattern pieces can be jigsawed seamlessly together allowing extremely minimal wastage per roll of fabric. The small percentage of excess fabric is fully utilised and turned into one off premium designs sold at the Rianna Phillips Etsy store, where her full collection is also available.

The inspiration behind print ranges is meticulously gathered whilst travelling either in the UK or further afield. To date collections have featured photographic and abstract elements captured in Australia, Malta, London, Tunisia, Cheshire, Manchester and The Lake District.

Rianna graduated from Manchester school of Art in 2011 where she studied ‘Textile Design for Fashion’. Whilst working as a fashion design intern the following year she began to piece together ideas for her own label. In 2012 her debut collection launched online and 2013 saw in her first range to be presented to the press.

She has been featured in many magazines such as Look, Marie Claire, La Vida and many more! 

You can purchase the Cash Only Portfolio clutch - HERE

You can purchase the Duli Portfolio Clutch bag- HERE