Relaxation and Celebration


My college days are now behind me.

Just before I started typing this blogpost I finished my last assignment of college ever. My emotions are rushing right now. I don't even know how to feel, somewhat scared of whats to come, but accomplished of what I have done. Its a whirlwind of emotions that are incomprehensible once the time comes. 

I wanted to let you guys know that I will be posting 1-2 blogposts a week. I now have the time and ability to create content that I like and put more time and effort into them. Rather then not publishing anything because it was sloppy. So it would be awesome if you would subscribe and get notifications when I post! 

P.S I'm going to be starting a youtube channel once I clean my room (which will be rather soon I promise). I feel like its a good outlet for me to express my creativity and also show you guys a lot of my interests! Also, I will incorporate look books to go hand in hand with my blogposts. 

Thanks for holding tight the past couple months. I really appreciate it! And expect more from me on my blog! I'm very excited!

Style on,

Mal Pal  

Photos by @memorycardfull