Velvet Heart for a Velvet Soul

Hello Lovelies! 

Long time no talk and I'm very sorry. I need to devote more time to my blog then I do. Ive only been on Instagram posting my looks but I am trying to get better at this whole blogging thing! For this look I had the chance to collaborate with the company called Velvet Heart . They gifted me with this adorable military style jumpsuit and its seriously so perfect. I have used it to style so many outfits this winter and this military green is the perfect shade. In this look I styled it with a duster jacket from H&M and paired it with this snake skin booties from Missguided. This look is simple yet very sophisticated. What I love about jumpsuits is that you can dress them up or dress them down very easily. Ive been on the minimalistic grind lately and cleaning out and getting rid of vibrant prints and neon colors. I am growing up and I feel as though colors like that make me look and feel like an adolecent.  If you would like you can purchase the Military Jumpsuit here  . 


On a side note, I had a wonderful Valentines Day! Here is a picture to sum it up! 

PPLA: People's Project LA





I collaborated with the company called PPLA and they sent me two adorable pieces of clothing. These Rockaway Palazzo pants and this adorable black cotton dress. Their company reminds me of Free People just on the cheaper side! Its perfect for boho indie clothing! So if you are looking for a company with unique indie style you have found the perfect match! 



People's Project LA is inspired by the Los Angeles Native, and designed with strong women in mind. We are a movement for the free spirited; a call to action for those with a thirst for adventure and a passion for originality. 



Our one-of-a-kind pieces are meant to be worn with love by the effortless stylish girl. Join our project and pave the way to creating an incredible journey that is entirely your own. 



 People's Project LA: Born to be free. Born to be you. 

Their Website: HERE

Pants: HERE



Boyfriend Jeans: My Go To


Hey Lovelies, 

I recently have bought so much denim pieces to add to my collection its crazy! I just bought two more pairs of boyfriend jeans online from Forever 21 because I love the way they fit, and they were on sale! You can wear Boyfriend jeans with anything and it will totally dress down an outfit.  I have also been wearing a lot of white this season and probably will continue to wear white! Right when I got this jacket in the mail I threw it on and me and my boyfriend went to Little Italy in Cleveland. I didn't finish all of my Manicotti so I got a togo box. While we are driving home I look at the togo box, and the red sauce got all over the sleeve of my brand new WHITE jacket. I seriously almost cried because it was BRAND NEW. My boyfriend continued to laugh, which I didn't think was funny. But I did get the stain out as you can see me wearing it now!  Thank goodness for my mamma! But anyways back to my outfit, I love comfortable looks and this fits into that category perfectly! 

Style on my gals, style on


Mallory Joy 



Shirt- Brandymelville//Necklace- Ebay//Jacket- Forever 21//Jeans- Forever21// Shoes- Forever21//Bag- Thrifted//

EYE am Obsessed With This Dress

So, I bought this adorable baby blue eye printed turtle neck dress at for only $16. I am absolutely in love and can't wait to wear it more often! It is super comfortable, and flirty and perfect for any season! 

You can buy the dress here - CLICK HERE TO BUY


Necklace- Nordstrom Rack 


Knee High Socks- Target 

Cutout Booties- Urban Outfitters



Mallory Joy 

Fall Lookbook: PLAID


Fall is here! Time to bring out all the plaid you want and wear it with pride! Take advantage of it! Lets talk about how in love I am with this thrifted blazer I got from the Salvation Army for $2! Its the perfect piece to dress up any outfit. Mixing up blues and adding a statement necklace is a go to for me!




Mallory Joy Morris