Boyfriend Jeans: My Go To


Hey Lovelies, 

I recently have bought so much denim pieces to add to my collection its crazy! I just bought two more pairs of boyfriend jeans online from Forever 21 because I love the way they fit, and they were on sale! You can wear Boyfriend jeans with anything and it will totally dress down an outfit.  I have also been wearing a lot of white this season and probably will continue to wear white! Right when I got this jacket in the mail I threw it on and me and my boyfriend went to Little Italy in Cleveland. I didn't finish all of my Manicotti so I got a togo box. While we are driving home I look at the togo box, and the red sauce got all over the sleeve of my brand new WHITE jacket. I seriously almost cried because it was BRAND NEW. My boyfriend continued to laugh, which I didn't think was funny. But I did get the stain out as you can see me wearing it now!  Thank goodness for my mamma! But anyways back to my outfit, I love comfortable looks and this fits into that category perfectly! 

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Mallory Joy 



Shirt- Brandymelville//Necklace- Ebay//Jacket- Forever 21//Jeans- Forever21// Shoes- Forever21//Bag- Thrifted//

Denim and Stripes: Manly Aesthetic


Hello Ladies! 

I have been trying to stay on my blogging grind because I have so much more free time now that it is summer! I have been loving paper bag pant and shorts. Basically anything that singes and ties at the waist has caught my attention. It is so flattering on any body type and really shows off your hips. Even though Im not a very curvy girl It does show off my small waistline. Another piece of clothing I have really been loving is boxy tops. It definitely give you more of a manly aesthetic and I love it. I found this adorable top a Marshalls on sale and reminds me of a top I saw at Urban Outfitters for 3 times the price! Thank goodness for discounted clothing! But I paired the two together with these shoes I bought at Asos a couple months back on sale! I haven't really had the chance to wear them. They are super platformed and make me look super tall! However Pairing them with the paper bag shorts really showed off my legs making them appear longer. I have been loving denim for a summer look and I have been buying more basics colored clothing lately mostly because I can wear them all year round. You will definitely see more styles like this on me in the near future! I just went shopping and bought a bunch of new summer clothes all basic colors. I am thinking about doing another clothing haul video too! :)



Mallory Joy